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Rich editor not loading problem on mobile phone

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  • Rich editor not loading problem on mobile phone

    An error appears when opening the forums on mobile phones reading: there was an error loading the rich text editor.
    It works fine on desktop computer.

    I tried all ways including emptying the cache both on the admin panel and on the mobile phone. Other members reported the same problem when using the board through their phones.

    Update: The problem happened after hours of adding a google font family in the CSS additional code. I removed it. The website works again, my mobile phone still shows the same error. Checked other phones, and find it works properly. It seems to be a memory cache problem on the phone.

    Update 2: A. Internet explorer works with the forums so does Chrome. B. I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it, but the problem persists. C. The problem is still there at other computers and devices (mobile devices) D. I checked on another computer and it works on Chrome. Surprisingly, none of my browsers, computers or devices crash when viewing and interacting with other forums. I cannot understand why this happens. No solution is offered on internet yet.
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    Turn off the content blockers on your phone. Does it work after that?

    The editor is loaded via Javascript so you must have Javascript enabled and unblocked to use it. The only mobile browsers that are fully supported are the default browsers on Android and iOS. However, Samsung Internet might work. I don't think we test it. Any other browser would be hit or miss.
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    • Mohammed Abu Risha
      Mohammed Abu Risha commented
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      I meant I rolled back to an older backup, not older vbulletin version.

    • Mohammed Abu Risha
      Mohammed Abu Risha commented
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      I have cleared the cache memory on my phone. The website works properly now. My theory is that after entering the wrong font codes in css, a syntax error prevented the loading of the CKeditor. I think this error, for whatsoever reason, had stuck in the cache system preventing the loading of the editor despite correction of the error.

    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
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      Both Javascript and CSS will be cached on the device. This is actually encouraged to improve performance. We will also cache language phrases within the device's local storage.

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