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  • Change CSS and html

    Hi, I'd like to know where I can directly change or some CCS and html... For example to change some margin and padding you can't in the stylevars.


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    OK, I answered my own question. That possibility wasn't in the trial version online. I just saw where on my localhost.


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      You can add additional css to the template css_additional.css, or by using the front end -Edit Site > Style > CSS Editor

      Templates can be edited but you should avoid doing so because when upgrading you may need to revert your changes.


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        Thanks for your answer. I could always make the change on the new version if I upgrade, right?

        I'd like to change the height of the toolbar, primary module header and subheader and also reduce the space between the header tabbar and what's below, also removing the primary module. Is it possible?

        Thanks again.
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          The layout is completely controlled by CSS. You can override the default CSS using your custom CSS in the css_additional.css template. To understand the elements you want to change and the classes/ids assigned to them, you can use your browser's "Inspect Element" functionality.

          You can configure and change modules using Site Builder. The "Primary Module" is a nebulous concept and will change based on the page being viewed and the module's location on the page. Some modules cannot be removed from default pages. Doing so will break the software's functionality. You can build custom pages in almost any manner you wish.
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