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Deleted ‘sent’ messages not deleted.

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  • Deleted ‘sent’ messages not deleted.

    A member has tried to delete his sent messages.
    He ticks the boxes, clicks delete, confirms delete , the page reloads and the sent messages are still there.
    The effected user is on win8 and chrome.

    Any ideas or suggestions ?

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    Does he permanently delete them in the trash folder?


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      I don't know. We are new to VB.
      I think it is just user error.


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        This is actually a known issue. If a user deletes private messages, even if they delete the trash, they will reappear if a recipient replies to them. I don't know when it will be resolved as it is isn't considered a major issue and requires rewriting the entire private message system.
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          Ahh, that makes sense to me. I wouldn’t consider the resurrection of deleted post, when it is replied to, as an issue. Personally I’d prefer to be able see what the conversation was about.

          I think in this case the messages aren’t getting deleted at all, but it could be user related. I’ll endeavour to get more information from the member.


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