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Cleaning up files after upgrade

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  • Cleaning up files after upgrade

    I've recently upgraded my forum from vBulletin 4.2.5 to 5.5.3 with success, and will shortly go all the way to 5.5.5. However, I've accumulated a fair amount of superfluous files on my server, and would like to clean them up before I continue. So, what can I safely delete?

    I ran the Diagnostics -> Suspect File Versions without finding anything. I guess that's as expected - I did a clean install and haven't customized anything. However, I have a lot of backups and files I'm not sure I need.

    Firstly, is there anything under /public_html I can safely remove?
    And secondly, but probably more important, what about everything outside /public_html? There's a lot, some of it really old and some brand new.

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    It's pretty much impossible to answer your question without knowing a lot more about your server and your hosting. If you're on a shared or VPN hosting package your host should be able to tell you what they installed that is necessary. Most if not all of those files and folders will be outside the public_html folder.


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      Backups shouldn't be stored on the server. This will expose your database to potential theft. They should be stored off-site in an encrypted cloud service or on your local machine.

      After upgrading and verifying that every thing works in vBulletin 5, you can safely delete your previous vBulletin directory. It will no longer be needed. Though, you might want to keep a backup off-site just for historical purposes.
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        OK, thanks, I'll look into it.


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