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  • elektro-kot
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you for the info, Wayne. In my case, it would be nice if they continued to appear in the list in the same order - those that start earlier at the top, and displayed until the end
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  • Wayne Luke
    In the list module, there is no option to show an event for the duration. How would that work? Would the event move in the list? Would it just show at the top? Would it be listed multiple times?

    Events will show the entire duration on the Calendar view.

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  • elektro-kot
    started a topic [Site Builder] Events


    How can I get the event module to display events until the last day? Now they are displayed until the start day only. I mean, if the event starts on November 7 and ends on November 15, then it is displayed only until November 7
    Last edited by elektro-kot; Thu 7 Nov '19, 6:12am.

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