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  • [Bug / Issue] language charset issue

    I get charset issue in Arabic language. MySQL, language and config.php charset is set to UTF-8. if you see attached pictures shows in some places and others are ok. if i search for it in "admincp -> Search in Phrases" i get the right text!
    1. vBulletin Version -> 5.5.5
    2. PHP Version -> 7.1.1
    3. MySQL Version -> 5.6.41
    4. Any Addons installed -> no
    5. Does the issue occur in a default style? -> yes
    6. Does the issue occur using the English language provided? -> no
    7. Error message on the screen' -> attached
    8. Browser and Browser version used. -> Chrome
    9. Did you clear the browser cache and did the error continue? -> yest
    10. A list of steps that can be used to recreate the issue. -> read above below
    11. If the issue is an Invalid Server response, the web server and PHP logs that correspond with its timestamp. -> no
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    If your database does not use a utf8 character set (we recommend utf8mb4 with a collation of utf8mb4_unicode_ci or utf8mb4_900_ai) then UTF-8 content will be converted to HTML Entities and stored this way. Converting to HTML Entities is how ALL content created in vBulletin 3 and 4 is stored. Neither of those applications supported UTF-8 at all.

    When you display content in the editor, and the user does not have permission to use HTML, then the HTML Entities will be shown. This is by design.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      yes thats the issue. the language file i used was a translation buildup since vb3 with what appears to be mixed charset.

      when i find defectice phrase in admincp, edit then just save with no changes it correct the issue perminantly.

      when i checked mysql phrases the one i saved showd letter while the i didn’t save showed as html entities.

      i built a php tool to call phrases from mysql then update them automatically. it successfuly fixed the issue in like 99% of translated phrases.

      i’ll finish the other phrases and translate the remaining then share the tool here. it can be useful for people having problem in mysql tables other than language.


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