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  • vb5 Forum directs to a blank page

    Hi there,

    I bought a copy of vbulletin5 a while back that primarily serves to keep some friends in touch with one another. It doesn't get much traffic on it and we only check in about once every few weeks.

    I tried logging in the other day and the website directed to a blank screen, as though no files were present at all. I tried logging into the FTP and it gives me an ftp error stating the Hostname does not match certificate. I logged into Plesk and saw that all of the files, with the exception of those in the attached .jpg were deleted.

    I take frequent backups and managed to recover using a backup recovery tool, but I'm curious about a few things.

    1 - Does anyone have any idea how this could have happened? Broad question I know, but it appears as though someone got access to the entire forum subdomain and deleted all the files.
    2 - What steps should I take to try and prevent this from occurring again?
    3 - Should I be concerned by the Hostname does not match certificate error?


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    A blank page typically signifies a PHP error. You may be able to see the error by putting vBulletin in debug mode. It will depend on the server configuration.

    If that doesn't work, you should be able to see this error in the PHP Error Log. If you don't know where this error log is located on your server, you will need to ask your hosting provider.

    To keep your vBulletin secure, you should always use the latest version. You should also make sure that the directories that hold vBulletin's PHP scripts cannot be written to by the web server. Your hosting provider can help with setting permissions.
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      What version were you running, and when did you notice this?

      I'm thinking victim of zero day exploit.

      My initial thoughts.
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      Vote for your favorite feature requests and the bugs you want to see fixed.


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