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    Prior to our forum update to 5.5.4, the backend Db was a typical, normalized format with user, threads and posts tables. The new version is not. I have dug around enough to find that most of the information I need relating to parent threads and child posts is in the node table. However, when I change the title, htmltitle and urlident field values, the actual thread or topic title does not change on the forum page itself. This does not seem possible. Where else would at topic title be located in the Db? My issue is that we have a particular channel that is devoted to Croatia language members. They tend to put 'illegal characters' throughout their posts. Unfortunately, one of the topic titles contains a character that results in an invalid URL error every time we try to access that thread / topic. I'm trying to remove that character (change the title).

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    Are you unable to edit the page in Site Builder?


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      The page contents (data) is not displayed to be edited when I try to edit the page in site builder.?


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        Both the file and database structure of vBulletin 5 is significantly different from vBulletin 4.X. This is why you can't simply overwrite your vBulletin 4.X files when upgrading.

        All content titles whether they are channels (forums, blogs, groups, article categories) or actual posts are stored in the [var]node[var] table. All text for the posts is stored in the text table. If you edit these tables, directly you can cause problems with your system. You must create a backup before hand. DO NOT MANUALLY DELETE any records from these tables doing so can make your site inoperable. After any changes, you will need to rebuild the search engine.

        What I suggest that you do is this...
        1. Go into the AdminCP.
        2. Go to Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details.
        3. Set Route Channels and Conversations by Node ID to Yes.
        4. Go to the problematic Topic.
        5. Edit the topic title and remove the illegal characters.
        6. Repeat for each topic with the issue.
        7. Turn off Route Channels and Conversations by Node ID

        To prevent your users from using illegal characters, you should add these characters to the character stripper in the AdminCP. You can find this under Settings -> Options -> Censorship Options.

        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
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