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Upgraded from vB4, can you help me find alternative plugins?

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  • Upgraded from vB4, can you help me find alternative plugins?

    i had vb4 plugins that allowed me following features:
    1. nofollow external links (Add rel="nofollow" To URL)
    2. block new threads/posts containing censored words (Block Censored Words by BOP5)
    3. stopforumspam blocking and submission with spammer content deleting (GlowHost - Spam-O-Matic)
    4. limit number of posts/threads one user can submit per the time interval (Maximum Posts & Threads.)
    5. turn certain words in links to monetize site content (Word Links FREE by BOP5 VB4)
    6. index page area with a 10 new posts/threads (VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics)

    Please can you suggest alternative plugins or which of these features the vBulletin 5.5.x is handling internally?

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    1. This is a standard vBulletin 5 feature. Settings -> Options -> BB Code Options. Set "Add nofollow attribute to URL BB Code" to Yes. Add your own domain to the whitelist below that setting.
    2. You can block posts containing specific words in Settings -> Spam Management.
    3. StopForumSpam is built into vBulletin 5. Settings -> Spam Management. The goal is to prevent the spam from being posted in the first place so it doesn't have to be deleted.
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