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Creating/Extracting posts from the Forum

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  • Wayne Luke
    The database information is located in /core/includes/config.php.

    vBulletin 5.X stores all content in the node table. If you're database does not include a node table then it will not be a viable vBulletin 5 Database.

    For posts, the node table defines the post metadata, options, and its parent. The actual content is stored in the text table. If you have a table prefix defined in the above mentioned config.php file, then it will be prepended to all table names in the database.

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  • ATForum
    started a topic Creating/Extracting posts from the Forum

    Creating/Extracting posts from the Forum

    We were hacked a few weeks back, updated the Forum and now some of our previous modifications to the forum don't seem to be working. We're going to revert our style to a vBulletin syle to see if that corrects things BUT want to save posts that have been made on the forum over the past year and to be able to give a user a file of their posts on a thread if anything should go sideways and we lose them on the actual forum.

    1. We are creating a back up and will work on the back up.

    2. Here are questions that the person who will be doing this has about the process. Can you help answer them?

    Verify the location and name of the technical file that contains the forum database username and password – from my digging it seems to be:

    • Folder location: /home4/awaken01/public-html/forum/core

    • File name: login.php

    That should be a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I can read the code good enough to pull out username and password, it seems from reading the code that indeed THAT is where they are, however the database password is so incredibly weak that I want to make sure that what I’m looking at is actually the password. I did get the database name and user name OK.

    Question about the exact TABLE Name that the posts are found in

    • We received a support answer that contained a snipped from a post regarding ‘what table’ to pull the posts from. The note makes a vague reference to the ‘nodes’ table, and after looking carefully at all the tables in the actual vBulletin structure, there was no table that even had the word ‘node’ in it.

    • The snippet DID contain a reference to what fields are contained in the table, however since the table name is not literally described, it doesn’t help. So…. short of going manually through the dozens and dozens of actual vBulletin tables, I cant determine the TABLE NAME. I would have to look manually at the fields for each table, eventually finding the table.

    Thanks so much for any assistance.

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