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Professional upgrade problems....

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  • ThePimster
    started a topic Professional upgrade problems....

    Professional upgrade problems....

    Hi all,

    We had our forum professionally upgraded by vBulletin, from 4.2.4. to 5.5.4. patch level 2, last week.
    When the upgrade was done, I rfeceived below quoted email:


    OK some quite big issues with this one.

    Firstly I've had to turn off the symbolic link feature on the hosting and put all the files in private_html.
    See here:
    and also here:

    The files in public_html are therefore of no use at this time, but I have left them all in place.

    That all works but there are errors on some user profile pages (both front end and admincp) These are caused because you have a mix of database collations:

    You should try and get these the same, if possible use utf8_general_ci

    You will probably need your host to help rectify this.

    The following post contains some scripts that may assist:

    All the old files and database are here:
    That is ABOVE the private_html folder.

    One option for you is to roll back until you can get the server and database to a configuration that fully supports vBulletin 5. At the moment it's close but there are issues.

    In the meantime I am rebuilding the search index. The site is off, it can be opened but be aware of the profile errors.
    We had it done professionally so we wouldn't run into problems, but now our forum is unusable as many profiles don't work, including my own admin account, post date & times are not listed anymore etc.
    The offered option is to roll back the upgrade..... Why wasn't this determined beforehand

    Does vBulletin offer paid techsupport to get this fixed? Anybody know of a vBulletin guru who can fix this and help us to re-open asap?



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