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My posts are suddenly being truncated

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  • My posts are suddenly being truncated

    I am the admin at my forum.

    I just started a new thread that is fairly long. When I tried to post it, I was only allowed to post about 90% of it.

    So I decided to just post that 90% in the opening post, and put the rest in a 2nd post. But when I posted the remaining 10% into the editor box and tried to post it, vbulletin truncated that post, too, and was even more severe this time, allowing only a couple of sentences and deleting the rest of the post. I tried it many times, logging out and back in, deleting and retrying, etc, and I am being prevented from posting normally.

    What the heck is going on?

    I used to be able to post freely.
    Then, I was slightly limited in my first post today.
    Then, I was severely limited in my second post today.
    I am now unable to post meaningful posts because they get truncated into nothingness.

    Here's a link to the thread in question:

    I am trying to post a defense of myself because I keep being defamed by a criminal cartel in my industry. They own/control/dominate the primary media/forums in my industry, and they preemptively banned me from the industry's main forum prior to waging an all-out defamation campaign against me. My only way to combat their lies is with my own site, and it makes it extra hard to do so when I can't make meaningful posts due to these glitches.

    I will further add that I have noticed other irregularities today:
    - being restricted on how many quotes I can use in a thread;
    - being restricted on whether I can embed a single quote inside another quote (I was allowed to do it once, in my first post today, but am no longer allowed to do so);
    - not being allowed to delete various topics or ban various people, and getting various error messages when I tried

    Thanks for any insight.

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    I just copied and pasted the post above into the linked thread as a 3rd post, and it posted fine.

    So I went back and pasted the full missing 2nd post into the truncated 2nd post. Everything showed up fine in the editor, but when I hit "Save" it refuses to post the whole post, and instead severely truncates it down to a few lines again. I even eliminated all quotes from that missing 2nd post, and just tried to print simple text, and it still refuses to do it.

    Why the difference???


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      (continued conversation from post above)

      I looked up the email exchange I had with LouNeo about helping you. I'll paste it here, though it might be hard to read due to loss of formatting. Here is what I wrote to him:
      On Tue, Aug 16, 2016 at 11:56 AM, GreenFin Gardens <[email protected]> wrote:

      Hi Lou

      May I ask your thoughts on something? I just now saw a thread about an auction on f4f to help Brian Melton, and just now learned about his situation. By coincidence, I just received a Grise de St. Jean from him a few days ago. I want to help, and I was thinking about how to best do so. I was thinking that I could announce in my cuttings sale thread that for the next week I will donate 50% of sales toward Brian's operation. A best-case scenario (unrealistic, I know) would be for $100k of sales so that we could give Brian the $50k he needs; in that best-case scenario, I would then have to use the other half of that money to immediately build a few more full-size commercial greenhouses in order to grow that much extra wood by Feb, which would be a challenge but doable. My concern is this: would giving half of sales be considered a good thing, or would I be attacked for not giving 100%? The problem is that I can't give 100%, because if I did I wouldn't have the money to build the extra greenhouses necessitated by those extra sales; I think I could only give 50% and still be able to cover all the expenses. In my view, it should be viewed as a good thing since it might help raise lots of money that would not otherwise be raised, but I worry someone might attack me as being a profiteer, which would be totally false, off-base, and hurtful. And I also wonder, isn't helping Brian the right thing to do even if it results in me being attacked?

      (The $100k best-case scenario is unrealistic, but is useful in this conversation for highlighting the general problem of needing to use part of the proceeds to grow extra wood, a problem that exists proportionately at all sales levels.)

      Best regards,

      Brian Melton:
      James I never knew this
      I’m actually tearing up

      Here was his reply, which gave me cold feet and caused me to lose courage:
      As for the piece with Brian, its unfortunately one of those things that we both know will happen. No good deed goes unpunished in todays world. 50% is 50% more than he would have gotten towards his goal if you dont do it. 100% is unrealistic when you talk about volume like that. There are going to be people that complain if you give 50%, those same people would complain if you gave 100% for 1 day. They would say you are just doing it to advertise your business, or they would complain that you arent giving 100% of shipping or free shipping too, then they will complain when it takes you an extra day to ship. Me personally, if you wanted to do the 50% which I think is extremely generous because you are willing to do something. I would start a very honest post saying that you were moved by his situation and wanted to help, that unfortunately 50% is all you can afford to give but you wanted to do something, as much as you were able to. I would say that you are excited to be able to give 50% over the weeks worth of sales to get Brian that much closer to his goal! I would then also make sure Brian posted, thank you anything and everything you are able to do. that should make most of the people stop whining. They will also of course demand transparency in your orders for the week, they will also then complain about how much money you are actually making. Its a never ending cycle when people get jealous of success.

      I hope you got the treatment you needed. I'm sorry I got scared/weak and didn't help.

      Brian Melton:
      James I am in shock. Yes I had the treatment and have been indebted to the forum for there help.
      You don’t need to repay me I see the good deed you intended on.
      Sun 7:41 PM
      James I talked to another moderator and we have removed you from the scammer list.
      7:32 AM

      Thanks Brian, I appreciate it.

      I’ll still pay you back (sending me an invoice for the refund amount would be the fastest/easiest way), but I appreciate the offer.

      p.s. -- you can also just receive whatever baby trees you want (you can swap out varieties if you no longer want the ones you originally ordered), but I can’t ship to you in California until my Jan-April window that the USDA has recently granted me. I posted an update about that a while back: the USDA has officially licensed me to start shipping baby trees undisturbed in their rooting cups (i.e. no bare-rooting necessary) to all West Coast states so long as the trees are newly created (rooted that winter) and as long as I ship during that late winter/early spring window.


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        I just pasted into this thread the full missing 2nd post from the linked thread...and it posted correctly!?! (the post above this one)

        Why did it post correctly in this thread but it won't post correctly in the thread on my forum?


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          I again tried to re-post my 2nd post on my thread on my forum, and again it was truncated.

          So then I tried something new: I copied the post #3 above from this thread (which is the post that keeps getting drastically truncated on my forum), and pasted it into my thread on my forum, and it posted correctly. Why?????

          So here is reality: when I type a post on my forum, it is truncated; but if I paste that exact post into this forum, it is not truncated; and if I then copy the post from this forum and paste it back in my forum, it finally successfully posts without being truncated. Why is this the case?


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            This is a common issue when someone converts from a non-UTF-8 compatible system like vBulletin 4 to one that is UTF-8 compatible like vBulletin 5. Many UTF-8 characters like "Curly Quotes" can send a "end-of-file" marker if the character set isn't set the UTF-8.
            1. In the AdminCP go to Languages & Phrases -> Language Manager.
            2. Edit your Language.
            3. Set the HTML Character Set to UTF-8 (case sensitive).
            4. Save the settings.
            p.s. Bumping posts only prevents us from answering them quicker.
            Translations provided by Google.

            Wayne Luke
            The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
            vBulletin 5 API


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