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Minor Issues after 5.5.4 P1 Upgrade

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  • Minor Issues after 5.5.4 P1 Upgrade

    Like everyone, we got hacked and I did a database restore from a previous backup, deleted the entirety of the home directory, restored the home directory from a backup, installed VB 5.5.4 P1, performed the upgrade and connected it to the restored (unhacked) database. Everything went beautifully and our site is back up.

    However, I've noticed a couple of formatting issues that stem across all styles (though we only use the default style and have all others turned off). First is the the top bar that encompasses the login or sign up link is pushed right a bit and is missed the light grey styling. Secondly, the search is all messed up. It physically works, but the styling is all goofed. Lastly, when I'm logged as an admin and select Edit Site, none of the editing functions are visible. It switches on and the button goes blue, but nothing else changes.

    Any help on where to look?

    Here's a like to the site -

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    I am not a specialist in vbulletin. I had similar dysfunctions and went to the admin panel: clear cash + fix tables, users, profiles etc. it worked like charms afterwards.


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      Still having these issues. Anyone got any ideas? I tried clearing cache and fixing what I could through the admin panel including file cleanup, but nothing helps. Thanks in advance for any ideas or input.


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        Upload the vBulletin 5.5.4 PL1 /core/install folder and run upgrade.php to restore all your master templates. Delete /core/install when you are finished.
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          I just ran the upgrade to 5.5.4 PL2 and the styling issues remain. I can give you admincp or cpanel access if you'd like Wayne.


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