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vBulletin forum infected with malicious code

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  • Wayne Luke
    You need to upgrade to vBulletin 5.4.4 Patch Level 1 as soon as it is available. This should happen shortly.

    Once it is available, I recommend deleting all non-image files in your vBulletin directory. Make sure to keep attachments with the .attach extension. Then upload the new files. Then run the upgrade script.
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  • vBulletin forum infected with malicious code


    I received an email today from my hosting provider stating that "malicious code was detected on your website and a huge number of email spam messages originating from it".

    The site, which runs Version 5.4.2 of vBulletin, has been limited and is currently unaccessible.

    Within my site's cPanel is a list of "all domains infected with malicious code with information on the exact location of the malware and the date that code was detected".

    However, I am unsure how to proceed with regards to removing this malware - and don't want to play about with or delete stuff, potentially causing further problems.

    Is this something vBulletin could assist with, or would I have to use some third party service?

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