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Style selected from homepage is not applied to Forum channels

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  • [Bug / Issue] Style selected from homepage is not applied to Forum channels

    Running vBulletin 5.5.3, upgraded 1 week ago from vB4.2.4.

    I chose the Gradient style as the default and only display option (un-checking the others in the Admin Style Manager), but some members have asked for a less contrasty style. My intent was to allow them to select from either the Gradient (default) or Dark styles.

    I re-enabled the Dark style and made it available to all usergroups, but when I select Dark from the homepage selector, Channel listings and thread pages still display in the default Gradient style, and there is no Style selector in the footer of these pages.

    How can I make the user's selected style apply to ALL pages of the board?

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    Make sure you don't have a style assigned for each channel in the Channel Manager. To set the default style, you would change the options under Settings -> Options -> Style and Language Settings.
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      Thank you Wayne Luke . There were a couple of channels inexplicably set to override the user's choice. I was able to switch all but one of them, but...

      That one channel remains "stuck" on "Override". I change the setting to "No", hit "save", I get the Successfully Saved message, but when I review the channel settings, the "override" radio button is still selected. I've attempted this at least 10 times now.

      Any thoughts on getting it "unstuck"?


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