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Problem with custom pages

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  • Problem with custom pages


    This afternoon I added 3 custom pages on our site. I just finished them all and everything worked fine, until one moment there is only one custom page working.
    The other 2 just give me a white page. As the page gives a white page error I canīt acces the site manager to edit or have a look if I can do anything. I canīt even delete the pages as I canīt acces the site manager.

    The Link of our Forum is ""

    What I recognized is when I use the two different links they both redirect to the same place:
    Custom Page 1 :
    Custom Page 2 :

    But both links seem to leed to "" which I donīt understand.
    On the first Page there was just a normal module for text and on the second page there was a multitab with several html modules.

    Is there any possibillity to have again acces to the sites via admin cp, to check the code or at least to be able to delete them.
    So that I can make a new page.

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