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User titles are not right

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  • [Bug / Issue] User titles are not right

    Since last update to 5.5.3, user titles are not updated correctly by cron job. I run cron jobs by script vbcron.php. Is there any bug known? Can anyone confirm this error?

    Update by hand works (Update Tools -> Update User Titles and Ranks)

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    The only time that a scheduled task will update the User Title is if they are promoted from one usergroup to another. Otherwise user titles should update automatically as they create posts or have posts deleted from their account. Running the tool in the AdminCP resets these values so they are accurate. There was a bug in that some nodes were improperly counted. I believe we have fixed that in 5.5.4 or 5.5.5.
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      Wasn't that, I guess. Some users already was updated before. They were reset to the default user title, until I've updated them by hand. Sure they were on line, but they don't post anything. I watch this.


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