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Creating custom re-usable module

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  • Creating custom re-usable module

    Is there a way to create a custom HTML module that I can use on several pages? The content wouldn't be the same so this would allow me to change it once and have the module automatically update on several pages at once.

    If creating a custom module is too complicated, can I add simple include files to an HTML module to achieve the same outcome?


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    I use a PHP module with the following line of code.


    put the actual path to your html file in the quotes. when you replace the file, the contents of the module are replaced next time it is accessed.


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      There were custom modules in early versions of vBulletin 5.X. However, they never really worked properly. Due to this the functionality was removed. It may return in the future after being reworked. For now, including external files it probably the best way to handle this. Either with PHP or using <iframe> elements within a HTML module.
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