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    When replying to forum posts the text seems very small. How do I increase the text size?

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    I'd like to thank all the staff and members who have helped me on the VBulletin help forum. The help so far has been much appreciated.

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    For the posts only, edit the post_content_font style variable.
    For the global size, you want to edit the global_text_font style variable. If you edit this style variable, all other content fonts will inherit from it.

    By default vBulletin uses REM font sizing with 1 REM set to equal 10 pixels in size. So 13 pixels would be 1.3 REM. This allows browser features like page zooming to work more reliably and provides a consistent font across multiple devices from small screens like phones to large screens like high definition monitors and television.

    To access style variables you would log into the AdminCP and go to Styles -> Style Manager. From there choose "Style Variable Editor" from the Choose Action drop down for your specific style. If you use multiple styles, you would have to edit each one individually. Style Variables are listed alphabetically in groups. Clicking on the group header will allow you to edit all variables in that group on a single screen. If you make a mistake, you can click on "Revert" on a saved Style Variable to remove your changes and restore the defaults.
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