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user cannot post topic without uploading a photo

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  • user cannot post topic without uploading a photo

    Good evening,

    I'm having an issue with some users being unable to post or comment a topic without uploading an image Using vBulletin 5.5.2. No plugins installed

    Both users belong to Usergroup: registered users
    One of them can post comments without uploading an image. Others are forced to upload an image

    It happens on a specific channel but permissions are ok in that channel. I have some dummy users I use to test and these users can post without an image....

    Is there a way to disable that function? I mean, I do not want to force any user to upload at least one photo. Why is it that some users can post without uploading a photo and others are forced to upload it? Both users belong to the same group and trying to post in the SAME channel and post. One user can, the other is forced to upload a photo

    See settings for that specific channel.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	channel.png Views:	0 Size:	264.8 KB ID:	4419491
    Another user trying to comment in a topic will be forced to upload an image See attachment

    Click image for larger version  Name:	force_upload.png Views:	0 Size:	110.2 KB ID:	4419492

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    Don't click in the Camera Icon in the top left corner of the editor. It is highlighted as selected in your screenshot. When you select the Camera, you're telling the system that you're creating a Photo Gallery and that requires at least one image. Text is actually option when creating a Photo Gallery.

    If the user selects the Link icon on the top left, they will be required to add an URL to the topic.
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    Wayne Luke
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    • panoramia
      panoramia commented
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      Thanks a lot. But how can I disable it? Members don't know what that is for and most will not read instructions. I didn't know either. Is there a way to disable galleries? We mostly use the upload button to upload a screenshot

    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
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      You can disable it by setting "Can Create Photo Gallery" and "Can Create Photo" to no. The Link content type is controlled by "Can Create Link" and "Can Create Video". Education is probably the better way forward if you want to give your users options.

    • panoramia
      panoramia commented
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      Unfortunately, most people don't want education, they just want the information they paid for, server in a very easy and simple way. Time is the most precious commodity nowadays

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