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Issue with custom user groups assigned as primary user groups

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  • [Resolved] Issue with custom user groups assigned as primary user groups

    As per my other post here:, I found a couple of issues when forum members were assigned to a custom user group as their primary user group.
    1. Whenever a regular registered user quoted one of their posts, the only text that came up after submitting the post with the quote was the word: "Array"; and
    2. These members could not access the PM system at all.
    When I re-assigned them to Registered users as their primary user group and the custom user group as secondary user group, both issues were fixed.

    It should be noted that I did set up permissions in the custom user group, allowing them to access the PM system, and there is nothing there that could fix the "Array" issue which is obviously a bug. So it looks like custom user groups as primary user groups do not work well.

    In this case, the custom user group was created to grant these users special permissions to access a private area of the forum, as well as to be able to bypass the requirement for each new thread, to be approved by an admin.
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    We don't really need a new topic on this. You could have added this to your follow up in the other topic.

    However, all users are divided into primary custom usergroups on this forum based on the license they own. I have not seen this problem on this site. I followed up in your other topic.
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