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How to DISABLE Two Factor Authentication?

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  • How to DISABLE Two Factor Authentication?

    I am in the process of selling my vB 5.4.4-based forum, and need to turn OFF the currently-enabled Two Factor Authentication. What is the best way of doing this? I am asking so I don't screw this up! The goal is to make the transition for the new owner easier to take over the forum - and then he can decide if he wants to re-enable 2FA himself later on.

    Anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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    IT APPEARS that the following is the solution, but can anyone SMART please confirm, deny, or clarify?

    Here's my existing code in config.php
    // ** TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION CONFIGURATION added manually by GSmith on 6/10/17
    // This will require that logins for the modcp, admincp, site builder, inline moderation
    // will require a numeric code generated via an app on the user's cell phone or desktop
    // Admins and moderators will be able to log into normal user portions of the site
    // without any changes.
    // This setting will enable two factor authentication for the site
    $config['Security']['mfa_enabled'] = true;
    // SOLUTION TO REMOVING 2FA is: change the above value to false.

    // Uncommenting this will allow individuals moderators and admins to set up the Two Factor
    // security, but will not require it for those that choose not to enable it. If it is
    // not set at all Two Factor will be required for all control panel logins and users that
    // have not configured their Two Factor Security will not be able to log in to the
    // control panel functions.
    $config['Security']['mfa_force_cp'] = false;
    // LEAVE PREVIOUS LINE AS-IS after first changing "$config['Security']['mfa_enabled'] = true;" above = false

    Will this remove 2FA so the new owner of my forum can log into the Admin CP with just a password (an no 2FA)?

    Again - just looking for someone smart to confirm so I don't screw this up! Thanks!


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      It isn't recommended to turn off two-factor authentication site-wide. Two-Factor Authentication is configured per user. The New Owner should have their own user account and they can enable it in their user settings if they wish.

      You can reset the Two-Factor Authentication for a single user in the AdminCP by going to Users -> Search for User, entering in the username and clicking Find. On the User Manager screen, select "Reset Two-Factor Authentication" from the Quick User Links drop down.
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        OK - so I am sticking around to assist the new owner with administering the site, and I just ordered the new iPhone 11. 2FA is still enabled in the site. For me to switch phones, and still be able to log in to the Admin CP - what process do I need to follow, exactly? Site is vB 5.4.4. Do I log into the Admin CP with my old phone, reset my own 2FA, go through the iPhone migration process, and then what? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I'm pretty sure I have only one chance to get this right.

        I would really appreciate your input - thank you.


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          You can remove the existing code via the AdminCP or...

          You can go to your User Settings (/settings/security) page to reset your personal 2FA. You will need your current phone to generate a code. Some Apps like Microsoft Authenticator, you can backup your existing keys to iCloud and restore them on your new phone. You can also save the actual key code or a screenshot of the QR code and use them to setup additional devices.
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