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Error message when pulling up content from vbulletin calendar from link on third party site

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  • Wayne Luke
    There is no calendar.php in vBulletin 5. The link should be You'll have to ask the third party site to update their link to the correct one.

    You shouldn't add .php to any of vBulletin 5's links. It will break them.

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  • Error message when pulling up content from vbulletin calendar from link on third party site


    I am linking to my vbulletin calendar from another site to drive traffic to it as it is useful to advertise CPD. The link I provide in the code from the other site is as follows

    <a href="" class="menu-link">CPD Calendar</a>

    The link works in that if I click on the link the link comes up but what also comes up is an error message saying



    The site appears to be having trouble displaying the content from the calendar itself, not the page.

    I went back to my links and found that to reach the blog page from the third party site I was using

    <a href="" class="menu-link">Blog</a>

    This link works consistently and causes no problems, the content on the blogs page just comes up. So I changed the calendar link to

    <a href="" class="menu-link">CPD Calendar</a>

    This makes no difference - I keep getting the error message. The browser finds the link to the calendar but the content on the calendar will not display.

    If I keep shutting the page down and trying again eventually the browser gives up trying to find calendar.php and just gives me the homepage but the link to blog.php works consistently every time.

    So the problem appears to be with the calendar or the content on the calendar.

    This looks like a bug but does anybody know if there is something else other than that I can put in the link to get the content to come up consistently?

    It makes no difference whether I use or

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