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Fatal Error on line 1012

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  • Fatal Error on line 1012

    Good morning,

    Today I've started to see Fatal Error on line 1012 every time I try to create a New Topic. I am running version 5.2.4, I've neither updated vBulletin nor upgraded anything in the server, it just started to happen today out of the blue. See attachment.

    How can this error be fixed? I've requested an upgrade to latest stable version to vBulletin support. Will this problem still be there when site is upgraded to latest stable version?

    I need help on how to fix this issue since I can't post new new topic now.

    Thanks a lot

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    Your hosting provider probably updated PHP behind the scenes and your version of vBulletin isn't compatible with the new version. Any version of PHP before 7.1 is not supported by the people who create PHP and should be considered insecure. So most hosting companies are updating to PHP 7.1. Your version of vBulletin isn't compatible with PHP 7.1 and you should upgrade to vBulletin 5.5.2. 5.2.4 is currently 3 years old and missing thousands of bug fixes and improvements. It is in your best interest to update to the latest version of vBulletin at least once a year.
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      I can see that you've requested an professional upgrade, but the upgrade ticket is marked as 'please do not upgrade, I have requested a refund'.

      Please clarify the situation.

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