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Problem in adding new user rank

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  • Problem in adding new user rank

    I want to add a new user rank from the menu : “add new user rank”. Image files path related to user ranks is under “images/avatars_test”
    When i enter png file path in “user rank file path” and then save, i face with below error:
    HTML Code:
    Invalid File Path Specified
    While image file exist in the server under that directory, But when i enter image url address in "or if you have a url enter that" and then save the changes, it will save successfully and new user rank will add.

    Whats the problem when i enter image address in “user rank file path” face with problem but i success with image url?!

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    That is not a valid image path. A valid image path requires the image extension, such as rank.png or rank.jpg

    Is avatars_test an image or a folder?


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      Avatars_test is a directory and avatars stored on it.
      I enter below image name in “user rank file path" but it desn't accept that and return above error.

      but when i enter path of that file in form of URL in "if you have a url enter that", it accept it and save avatar successfully. avatar link :


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        /images/avatars_test/linux-logo-linux-zone-org-forums-39.png (works according to your link) is different from /images/linux-logo-linux-zone-org-forums-39.png (the URL you say doesn't work).

        URLS are both case sensitive and must match exactly.
        Translations provided by Google.

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