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Change user passwords in the database

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  • Change user passwords in the database

    Since I don`t allow my test server to send any mails at all - I need to change the password of my user in the database. The old vb4 way does not work. Any hint would be helpful

    Paul M. 14.12.2012: You already know vB4 isnt being worked on atm, so of course no bugs are going to have been fixed in the last few months, nor are they going to get fixed "now".

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    There is no way to change the password in the database in vBulletin 5. This is due to the enhanced password hashing in vBulletin 5. You will have to work around this by creating a new temporary administrator.
    1. Register a new user on your test server.
    2. Upload the /core/install directory.
    3. Upload tools.php to the /core/install directory. This file can be found in the Do Not Upload folder.
    4. Go to your test site with the page of /core/install/tools.php.
    5. Enter your Customer ID.
    6. Select the option to Reset Admin Access.
    7. Enter the Username you created in Step 1.
    8. Delete the /core/install directory.
    9. Log in with this user and change the password of your original user in the AdminCP.
    For more information -
    Translations provided by Google.

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