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Create a second parentless category in AdminCP -> Articles -> Category List

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  • Create a second parentless category in AdminCP -> Articles -> Category List


    How is it possible to create a second parentless category in AdminCP -> Articles -> Category List?

    When using the button "+Category" the field parent isn't offering the choice "None". It's already pre-filled with the existing categories.

    I have tried editing the entry in the "node" DB table and setting parent to 1, but this isn't doing the trick.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Article channels have to have a parent of "Articles" (default install) to work properly. On my install, the Articles channel is node 14. If you have changed the name of this channel, and this is a new install, then you should look for that node in the channel manager. If you're running an upgraded database, looking in the Channel Manager is the only way to find your Article channel.

    You cannot set new Category channels to be a child of the Home Node (nodeid 1). This is not supported. Each type of content channel (Forums, Articles, Blogs, and Groups) has a specific parent it needs to be under to work properly.

    Changing the parentid in the Node Table can break the site and make content unavailable.
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      I could workaround this by creating another "Articles" node with "Articles" as parent and moved the existing nodes there. After creating another node with the root node "Articles" as parent, I had exactly the structure I needed.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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