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Preventing forum-spammer accounts from joining: vB 5.2.2

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  • Preventing forum-spammer accounts from joining: vB 5.2.2

    I am a relatively new user, with very limited computer skills. I have recently upgraded to vBulletin 5.2.2 running under PHP 7.3 with MariaDB MySQL version 10.2.24. I’m having some ‘mail to users’ problems, but that’s not the basis of this enquiry.

    My issue is how to manage likely forum spammer account registrations. The forum itself is relatively protected, as brand-new registrants cannot post directly without moderation, but I’d prefer not to have to manually remove these accounts … there’s just so many of them and it’s a tedious process.

    Should I start moderating registrants manually, or should I setup a slightly more rigorous machine-based system, or should I install some additional measures to filter registrants?

    I see mention here of a Stop Forum Spam facility. Is that something I should look at?
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    Firstly, please don't post in large fonts like that. It won;t get your query answered any quicker, and it just makes things difficult to read.

    Secondly, please confirm your actual vBulletin version. You've stated 5.2.2, but this version is extrememly old and is unsupported. Do you mean 5.5.2?

    If you are actually running 5.2.2 then please upgrade to 5.5.2 so we can provide support.


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    • dxw
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      font-size=curious. Looks fine to me - like identical to yours. All the same, sorry about that. I was not intending to yell or scream at anyone.
      5.5.2 is correct, mea culpa typo.

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    StopForumSpam and Akismet can work to reduce spam on your site. Both of these are third-party services that vBulletin can tie into. StopForumSpam is a service that checks new registrations against a database of known spamming identities. You can check against email address, IP Address and user name. I suggest the first two. Akismet is a service provided by the creators of Word Press. It checks your content for specific words and phrases. If a threshold is passed with these checks, then vBulletin will automatically place the post in Moderation.

    Both are accessed in the AdminCP under Settings -> Spam Management.

    In addition to this, you can set up the system to automatically moderate all posts from new users and once a number (for example 5 posts) have been approved, they can get promoted to a new usergroup that doesn't have moderation. You can set up Human Verification using Recaptcha or Question and Answer related to your topic. You can also moderate all new registrations so they require approval before they can post.

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    • dxw
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      Thanks. Yes, I already had things set for first-five-moderated so actual forum spam was not highly likely.
      Thanks, also, I've found that CP page and will sort out a StopForumSpam API shortly.

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