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Clean install 4.2.5, upgrade to 5.5.2

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  • [Bug / Issue] Clean install 4.2.5, upgrade to 5.5.2

    I had a clean install of 4.2.5, and I upgraded it to 5.5.2.

    I have a database error and I have NO idea why.

    There were no posts, or anything. No addons, themes or anything changed.

    at /admincp it has the error

    at the default address, it shows the main page without a theme or skinning. It is like it has no css support.

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    We can't really suggest very much unless you can provide us the full, detailed error. "A database error" could be anything.

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      Both if these issues are most likely due to not following the installation instructions in the vb5readme.html file. These are duplicated here:

      Originally posted by kbarg View Post
      at /admincp it has the error
      This is most likely caused by vBulletin 4.2.5 files in the /admincp/ directory. This directory should be completely empty after upgrading to vBulletin 5.5.X. In fact, the directory is completely optional (though requires an edit in the .htaccess to delete it).

      It is very important to delete all 4.2.5 files before uploading vBulletin 5. Having files in the incorrect directories can cause many problems with the software. See the documentation above.

      Originally posted by kbarg View Post
      at the default address, it shows the main page without a theme or skinning. It is like it has no css support.
      After installing vBulletin 5, my site is unformatted
      This means that URL Rewriting is not working on your site. Possible causes include:
      • htaccess.txt has not been renamed to .htaccess (the leading period is important)
      • mod_rewrite is not installed for Apache 2.4
      • URL Rewrite is not installed for IIS 8.5+
      • The server configuration for NGINX has not been updated. See the file for your version of PHP within the do_not_upload folder.
      • AllowOverride is not allowed in the Apache configuration file.
      You hosting provider can help you get the ability to rewrite URLS working on your site.
      Translations provided by Google.

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        It is not a big deal. I am just messing with the software before I officially use it

        I was installing, 3 looking at it, upgrading to 4, and then 5.

        There were no posts so I can fully wipe it and reinstall.

        I am still unfamiliar with it, as I am used to some of your competitors, and I am still testing things Bear with me. I should pick it up soon.


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