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  • Wayne Luke
    In the AdminCP...
    1. Go to Usergroups -> Add New Usergroup.
    2. Create a Usergroup to contain those who purchase your new "Paid Rank".
    3. Then go to Usergroups -> Channel Permissions
    4. Set the permissions for this Usergroup as you want them to be.
    5. Now go to Paid Subscriptions -> Payment API Manager.
    6. Set up your Payment APIs. Most people use Paypal since it has the lowest cost of entry.
    7. Next go to Paid Subscriptions -> Add New Subscription
    8. Set the Options for the subscription including pricing.
    9. Make sure to set either the Primary Usergroup to the new group you created above or set the secondary usergroup.
    10. Save this.

    For your users to manage subscriptions, they would select "User Settings" off the dropdown menu for their name in the header. Once there they should see a new Subscriptions tab to allow them to purchase or manage their subscriptions. You can also create Notices or Announcements that direct them to this location. The URL would be /settings/subscriptions

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  • MrCriticalRx
    started a topic Ask | How can set a paid rank

    Ask | How can set a paid rank

    Hii try to set new suscription rank ex (premium) but i can set the real good form
    i try make a new user goup, add a rank user pick banner , but i can finish to config that

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