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Individual user permissions issue

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  • [Bug / Issue] Individual user permissions issue

    I have a user whose posts come up as unapproved by default, they belong to the Registered Users usergroup like everyone else, I have checked the permissions carefully, even tried moving him back to "awaiting moderation", then back to registered user. Have also tried the "log in as user" add-on and posted while logged in as that user, posts show unapproved both on the user's own thread and on another one, in the same channel. Other users can respond to topics without showing up as unapproved. I know I can just approve the unapproved posts but this is very odd!

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    Not sure how this would happen if they are only in a single usergroup. The only thing that I can think of is that their posts are triggering the anti-spam measures set up under Settings -> Spam Management.

    You could move them to a custom usergroup based off of Registered Users and set the permission "Exempt posts from Spam checking" for that new usergroup under Usergroups -> Channel Permissions.
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