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  • [Bug / Issue] Change display of users awaiting moderation

    When you choose "List users awaiting moderation" from the user manager, you get a list that shows the users awaiting moderation in alphabetical order, and only a certain number of users without an option to go to the next page with more users. Is there a way to change this so it lists the users awaiting moderation by other criteria such as join date (when they registered), and to change the number of users shown on this list?


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    There are no options to change how this is handled in the system. In an upcoming release, there will be some minor changes to how refreshing is handled and we're looking at proper pagination here (vBulletin 4 didn't have it so it wasn't added).

    The best method at this time is to clear out the 25 users listed by either approving or denying them. Then you'll get the next list.
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