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Inserting Flash in a theard

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  • Inserting Flash in a theard

    Hello, to all. Does anyone knows how to insert a SWF flash in a theard? ready to execute and watch?

    I have VB 5.

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    Flash is no longer actively supported and is End Of Life as of next year. Is there not an HTML5 or MP4 version of the video?


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      You would have to create your own custom BBCode to do this. Due to the security risks presented by Flash and its demise over the years, it isn't something we will add to the software.

      In the AdminCP go to BB Codes -> Add New BB Code. You would have to find the flash code you want to use and use it as the replacement. Flash is disabled in 99% of all browsers by default. So your user would have to enable it and put their device at risk.
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