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What to do to change our Forum URL?

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  • What to do to change our Forum URL?

    Our current forum URL is

    We are going to make a DNS change so that URL will be
    The location on the back end where our files are stored will not change. were just going to a sub domain format for the URL.

    So what needs to be updated in vbulletin Admin?
    Would updating the following be all we need to do?
    vBulletin URL
    Login URL
    Core URL

    Is there anything else as far as vbulletin is concerned that we need to change? Anything to do with our License possibly?
    We are currently running version 5.4.4

    Thanks in advance

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    You would need to update the three URLs in your AdminCP and you should clear your cache so it is rebuilt.

    Updating the URL within the Member's Area would make sure that your site doesn't trigger any anti-piracy measures.
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