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Calendar Start of Day / Auto-Detect Daylight Savings Issue

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  • Calendar Start of Day / Auto-Detect Daylight Savings Issue


    Currently, we're noticing that even though "Sunday" is the default day for the Start of the Day settings, the Calendar starts on Friday for new users.

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    If a user who's experiencing this just goes to their Edit Settings / Account and clicks the save button, then the Calendar will start showing the start of the day as Sunday again - even though nothing was changed and the only action performed was just "Saving".

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    Also, we noticed that for many the Auto-Detect Daylight Savings options is defaulted to off, and we'd like that to be on by default.

    I need a way to:

    a) Set everyone's account to have Enabled Auto Detect Daylight Savings ON by default
    b) Ensure everyone's default Start of the Week is set to "Sunday" and have that setting actually be persisted without having to have them hit "Save" on their account settings.

    I looked in the Settings / Options, and didn't see anything anywhere under Date and Time settings or User Registration or User Profile settings so I'm guessing these will be MYSQL commands?


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    To fix the start of the week issue for existing users run this query:

    UPDATE user SET startofweek=1 WHERE startofweek=-1;

    For DST:

    First make sure the setting under Settings -> Options -> Date / Time Options are configured correctly. Then run this query for your existing users:

    UPDATE user SET options=options + 64 WHERE NOT(options & 64)
    If you use a table prefix, you will need to change the user table name to reflect this.
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