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  • Wayne Luke
    In addition to upgrading to the latest version -

    The privatemessage table does not have fields named `hidemsg` or `newmsg`. The most likely cause of this error is an improperly installed or malfunctioning addon.

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  • Mark.B
    Please upgrade to vBulletin 5.5.1 in the first instance.

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  • Flowerfairy
    started a topic [Bug / Issue] Database error

    Database error

    Although the board appears to work well, I keep getting the following notification by email, it always refers to the same thing, the "unknown column".

    Database error in vBulletin 5.4.4:

    Invalid SQL:
    SELECT count(node.nodeid) AS qty
    FROM sentto AS s
    INNER JOIN node AS node ON node.nodeid = s.nodeid
    INNER JOIN privatemessage AS pm ON pm.nodeid = s.nodeid
    WHERE s.folderid = 44 AND s.deleted = 0 AND pm.hidemsg = 0 AND pm.newmsg = 1 /**getNewNotificationRequestCount**/;

    MySQL Error : Unknown column 'pm.hidemsg' in 'where clause'
    Error Number : 1054
    Request Date : Tuesday, March 19th 2019 @ 03:00:57 AM
    Error Date : Tuesday, March 19th 2019 @ 03:00:57 AM
    Script :
    Referrer :
    IP Address :
    Username : Site Admin
    Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi
    MySQL Version : 5.6.40-84.0-log

    Stack Trace:
    #0 vB_Database->getErrorData() called in [path]/vb/database.php on line 1188
    #1 vB_Database->halt() called in [path]/vb/database/mysqli.php on line 201
    #2 vB_Database_MySQLi->execute_query() called in [path]/vb/database.php on line 557
    #3 vB_Database->query_read() called in [path]/vb/db/result.php on line 126
    #4 vB_dB_Result->rewind() called in [path]/vb/db/result.php on line 63
    #5 vB_dB_Result->__construct() called in [path]/vb/db/query/stored.php on line 104
    #6 vB_dB_Query_Stored->execSQL() called in [path]/vb/db/assertor.php on line 301
    #7 vB_dB_Assertor->assertQuery() called in [path]/vb/db/assertor.php on line 625
    #8 vB_dB_Assertor->getRow() called in [path]/packages/livenotifications/include/notifications.php on line 50
    #9 LiveNotifications_Include_Notifications->getNotificationCount() called in [path]/packages/livenotifications/include/notifications.php on line 87
    #10 LiveNotifications_Include_Notifications->getNewNotificationRequestCount() called in [path]/packages/livenotifications/api/ln/ajax.php on line 146
    #11 LiveNotifications_Api_Ln_Ajax->getMessageAndAlertsCount() called in on line
    #12 ReflectionMethod->invokeArgs() called in [path]/vb/api.php on line 303
    #13 vB_Api->callNamed() called in [path]/vb/api/extensions.php on line 581
    #14 vB_Api_Extensions->callNamed() called in [path]/vb/api/wrapper.php on line 217
    #15 vB_Api_Wrapper->__call() called in [path]/vb/api/wrapper.php on line 127
    #16 vB_Api_Wrapper->callNamed() called in /home/ukcen979/public_html/forum/includes/api/interface/collapsed.php on line 97

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