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  • Usergroup Channel Permissions Question

    Hello everyone - we just upgraded from 3.x to 5.5 and everything went pretty well. We're at the stage of trying to put some settings back to the way we were working with them in v3

    One item I'm stuck on is usergroup permissions. Specifically, we want Registered Users to be able to read/reply/post with a group of forums we call 'Public'. That's working fine. But then we have a separate group called 'Members Only' and I want them to see that the forums/channels are there, but no content or topics. In v3 we had those flagged as 'members only'. This was working fine in 3.x but during the conversion has disappeared - Registered Users don't even see that those forums/channels exist.

    Also, in v 3.x we required everyone to create an account to see anything. Can we do the equivalent here in 5.5? I assume this is a similar permission setting/issue.

    Can someone point me in the correct direction? Thanks in advance.


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    For the "Member's Only" parent channel set -

    Can View Channel = Yes.
    Can View Content = No.

    To hide channels from Guest Users, then set the Can View Channel permission to No.

    Usergroups -> Channel Permissions.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
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      Thanks very much Wayne.


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        Wayne - this works great. Thank you again. One last question: Is there a way to display a 'members only' message if a guest clicks on a given channel? We're trying to encourage them to join as paying members and we found doing this very effective in our old v3 setup. The way it is presently they will see the channel and if they click on it they simply get a 'No topics found' message. From that they may be taking away that there's just nothing there.


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          follow up - regarding the 'Members only' message I was able to accomplish the same objective albeit slightly differently by creating a notice that displays for the particular group only. Does the job


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