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Private Messages Not Deleted From Sent Items

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  • [Bug / Issue] Private Messages Not Deleted From Sent Items

    To reproduce:
    1. Check one or more items in Sent Items folder.
    2. Click Delete button
    3. Confirm deletion in pop-up by clicking OK
    4. Click OK on Message has been moved to trash pop up.
    5. Page refreshes, but message is still in Sent folder.*
    6. Go to Trash folder. Deleted Sent folder message(s) will appear there.

    Work around:
    1. In Trash folder, click message(s) deleted from Sent folder and click Delete Permanently
    2. Message is removed from both Trash and Sent folders.

    *In some cases, the message is deleted from the Sent folder. I'm not sure under what circumstances, but seems to be related to the number of messages in the Sent folder. Also, I should mention that this forum was migrated from 4.2.5 but the problem appears to occur both with Sent messages created with that version and 5.5.0

    Related Question
    Do messages in the Trash folder count against a users PM quota? The problem with deletions was reported by a user needing to free up PM space.

    VB 5.6.1 PL1
    PHP 7.4
    MySQL 5.7.24

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    The Sent Items folder is technically obsolete with the threaded / conversational Private Messages in vBulletin 5.
    Unless the whole conversation is deleted I don't believe a deletion will have any effect.

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    • OrganForum
      OrganForum commented
      Editing a comment
      Understood, but the current behavior is confusing to users, especially when they receive a notification that their mail box is nearing its quota. Is there a means by which a user can conveniently delete all the threads in a conversation to clear up space?

      Deleted messages should not appear in the folder from which they were deleted and they should no longer count against a user's quota whether or not they are deleted from the database behind the scene.
      Last edited by OrganForum; Tue 5 Mar '19, 12:54pm.

    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
      Editing a comment
      What really needs to happen is that folders need to be removed. They aren't a relevant system with the new paradigm of Topics and vB Messenger.

      However, emptying the trash should remove them from existing folders.

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