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Setting Image File Size for uploading.

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  • Setting Image File Size for uploading.

    Hi Friends,
    In my CP Admin "Attachment Type Manager" the sizes set for the JPEG and JPG are:
    Maximum File-size: 400,000 / Max Width: 1030 / Max Height: 1030
    We have a post with an image uploaded which is 1600px X 1066px and 567kb. Why is this allowed?
    Is there another setting that will disallow image uploads that exceed the settings in "Attachment Type Manager"?
    Also, where do I set Maximum file weight to 250kb?
    Being a novice Admin, detailed instructions would be a great help

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    The image you say was uploaded would still be allowed. vBulletin can't actually determine the file size or dimensions of an image before it is uploaded to the server. However, vBulletin would attempt to resize the image down to the maximum allowed size even if the user uploads something larger. If it can't resize the image, then it will present the user with an error. We would need access to the database and your server's file system to see if this was not the case.

    In order to allow more seamless uploads from cameras and smart phones, vBulletin actually will try to process any image uploaded that is 4608 X 4608 pixels or smaller.

    I don't know what you mean by maximum file weight. File sizes are set in the AdminCP under Attachments -> Attachment Storage Type.
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      Thanks Wayne.

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    You can control the maximum dimensions using the config.php file:

    // ******** IMAGE PROCESSING OPTIONS ********
    // Images that exceed either dimension below will not be resized by vBulletin.
    // If you need to resize larger images, alter these settings.
    $config['Misc']['maxwidth'] = 4608;
    $config['Misc']['maxheight'] = 4608;

    Unfortunately, images of the same dimensions can be vastly different in the amount of physical space they take up.


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      Thanks Omnibus.

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      Changing these settings can prevent users from uploading images from their phones and other devices. Just to forewarn you.

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