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Error when trying to move a thread

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  • Error when trying to move a thread

    Trying to move a thread as it is posted in the wrong channel. I get a 500 error saying cannot move it. It is intermittent, so when it next happens I'll take a screen shot.
    Is this a filesystem permissions issue ?

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    A 500 error is a general server error. It's not an error directly related to the vBulletin software.


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      This is a known issue in vBulletin 5 at this time. We haven't been able to track it down and resolve it because it is so intermittent and difficult to reproduce on demand. Even Unit Tests haven't been able to trigger it reliably. However, if you refresh the page after the error occurs, you should see that the system did in fact move the message. We will continue to try and track it down as it occurs on this site as well.
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        I had this occur today, as well as previously. The working badge is displayed for a long time - seems like well over a minute - followed by the 500 error. I think the ajax call to the server never returns to the client, and the client reports the 500 error. As you said, if you refresh the page either while the Working badge is displayed, or after the 500 error is displayed, the move has been made.

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