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How to resize an uploaded image ?

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  • How to resize an uploaded image ?

    The main reason why we migrated from VB4 to VB5 last month was to provide forum users with an easier upload facility of their images. Previously, we suggested people use an external image hosting provider, but with the likes of Flikr and Photobucket making changes, this spurred on our decision making to go to VB5.

    So despite giving them something they did not have, and making it easier, of course that comes with it's own problems.

    We are a car forum, people like to show pictures of their car, shiny or mid-restoration. Typically people are not good at resizing images, and although we have 'unlimited' file storeage, we have set a 2MB limit per uploaded image. I do know that my hosts unlimited filesystem is not really unlimted !

    I now am getting feedback that it's now too hard to upload an image, mainly due to the filesize the images are taken from Smart phones and Digital Cameras with ever increasing pixel count and file sizes.

    Users are expecting a FaceBook type ability to upload their 15MB camera pic of their Mustang and the clever magic resizes it into the limit we have chosen. I have done a quick search and cannot find any solution through configuration or modification that can do this in VB5.

    Any ideas how I can do this, and retain the simplicity of uploading in VB5 ?

    Webmaster - Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain

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    vBulletin will already attempt to resize the images based on the settings listed in the AdminCP under Attachments -> Attachment Type Management. However, this can only happen after the image is uploaded to the server. With a 2 MB upload limit you'll be limited. You should contact your hosting provider and ask if you can increase that limit.

    If you are using cPanel on your site, there may be an icon labeled "PHP Version Selector". If you click on this, and select "Switch to PHP Options" then you can increase the upload limit to something that allows more use like 8M. You should also increase the Max Post Size to at least 10M
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