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vBulletin 5 'Internal Server Error 500' After Changing Host

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  • [Bug / Issue] vBulletin 5 'Internal Server Error 500' After Changing Host

    Hi guys,
    I was hoping you could help me.

    My site is using Joomla for the front (magazin) and vBulletin 5 for the forums (not migrated). I recently changed web hosting, and the change was done by the hosting company into the addon domain (i still haven't changed the domain's DNS to the new server).

    After changing the domain's IP in the 'hosts' file inside Windows itself, I entered the site in the new host, and the front (all of Joomla) works fine, but when entering the forums (/forums) I get an 'Internal Server Error 500'.

    I was wondering what could be the cause of that and how could I resolve the issue.

    Thanks a lot and have a great day,

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    Most commonly this is due to a PHP Error. Make sure you have all PHP Libraries enabled for the use of vBulletin.

    The most commonly missed module is iconv. If you can't enable PHP Libraries, you will need to have your hosting provider do this for you. They can also point you to the PHP error log file which might contain more information.
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