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create a replica / duplicate of your forum in an additional domain name

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  • create a replica / duplicate of your forum in an additional domain name

    Good day

    so we're running on our 2nd year using vbulletin 5 connect , everything seems to be going on quite well , therefore we're planning to buy our second license now .

    The intended site for it is an exact replica of the existing concept , only that its target audience is in another country

    So it would be quite fast if vbulletin support could advice us on the best way to create an exact replica of one vbulletin 5 site into another SUBDOMAIN , hosted in the same server .

    This way we will avoid the hassle of having to apply again all our settings , when i say settings i mean just about everything that makes the identity of the current install

    Of course its obvious that later on when the install is successfull in the new subdomain we're just going to simply change the logo, clear all posts and user accounts and adjust a bit the channel names and descriptions , but this would be quite a smaller task compared to having to MANUALLY re apply all the settings

    Any idea on the safest and fatest method to accomplish this duplication process ?


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    Hello Wayne , how are you today ?


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      To duplicate a site,
      1. Copy the database to a new database.
      2. Edit your /core/includes/config.php to point to the new database.
      3. Upload the /core/install directory.
      4. Upload tools.php to your /core/install directory. The file can be found in the do_not_upload directory.
      5. Load tools.php in your browser (domain/vbpatch/core/install/tools.php).
      6. Choose the option to update the site URL.
      7. Update your URL for the new site.
      8. Delete /core/install.
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