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Topics keep popping up as to moderate although they have been approved inline

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  • [Bug / Issue] Topics keep popping up as to moderate although they have been approved inline

    When approving a topic inline (so in the forum intself), they are still being displayed as unapproved in the notices section, even after 24 hours. I assume this is not a cache issue because of that. The actual post IS approved and members CAN see it and reply to it. But it won't disappear from my moderation list until I have re-approved them from there.

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    The only thing that I can think of that would cause this is that javascript is being blocked and preventing the call to the server to delete the notification when the topic is read.
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      From the client side you mean? Not in my case I'm afraid. The notification on the top of the screen disappears, but the moderation indicator in my message center remains and the approved topics are displayed as unapproved.


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        I cannot replicate the problem either on this site, or on my two demo sites (cloud and self-hosted), so this is something specific to your set up.

        If you have ticket support you can log a ticket and provide us with admincp and ftp credentials, and we can take a look.

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          OK thanks guys.


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