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Link problem and redirect and sitemap

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  • Mark.B
    If you believe this is a bug, please report it in the Tracker so it can investigated by the developers.

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  • m-d-luffy
    There is a script error in the script
    The script automatically modifies the links on the home page
    Do not defend the script and you do not use it and do not know the size of the problems in it, especially compatibility with search engines and Sioux
    Now search engines are considered duplicate content and cause this problem
    Maps provide a different link from the link that the script modifies itself
    An impossible programmer makes a terrible mistake like this
    Google now asks to solve the problem and refined content
    I am not the one who caused the problem and the team and the programmers are the ones who caused this problem and they must solve it .

    I do not know why you defend a company wrong

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  • In Omnibus
    Whatever page is made the "homepage" requires a URL rewrite. You can always manually modify the URLs for each node and resubmit the sitemap.

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  • m-d-luffy
    I wish I gave the topics a great importance that does not cause many problems for the sites .

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  • m-d-luffy
    started a topic [Bug / Issue] Link problem and redirect and sitemap

    Link problem and redirect and sitemap

    good morning ....
    There is a problem with the page links and the homepage option
    For example:
    When we make the article page come on home
    The link is supposed to work like this
    But the opposite happens
    The(article) of the link are deleted

    This problem is arranged by problems with article links and is opposed to the sitemap system
    How is the conflict?
    The correct links to articles are as follows:
    This is the link that is included within the sitemap
    However, when you enable the make this page homepage option, links are redirected to other links like this:

    However, the links in this form are not included in the sitemap, but the previous links containing (articles)

    Being so sitting down for Google 's oldest search engines and a map of embedded links does not work

    System links and maps are not compatible with some and are highly likely to cause sites to be banned from indexing in search engines because of circumvention and rendering links are not correct

    I would like to pay attention to the problems of the main script rather than the attention to the side-by-side features that do not serve customers.
    This problem of the bear and who is responsible for them is the client or the development team, and how long will take the solution and may not be solved on the grounds that it is a personal problem and is not a personal problem that it is a general problem in the incompatibility characteristics of the system with each other and work correctly
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