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Server Loan High due to SQL error

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  • Server Loan High due to SQL error

    Hi, I am currently running vb5.4.4 on MySQL is 5.6.38-1. I am experience high loan on MySQL. I login to whm to check and found out the top process below. Anyone know what should I do to reduce this?
    mysql 79.4 /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir/usr --datadir/var/lib/mysql --plugin-dir/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin --open-files-limit16384
    Hosting: HostGator dedicated server
    cloudflare enabled
    PHP: 7.4
    MySQL: 5.7
    Vb5: 5.6.3

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    What is the error? The line you posted is just the command to run MySQL on the server and doesn't tell anything that would be helpful. As a single line, it is pretty worthless because there is no context on anything running on the server. Generally speaking, MySQL usually takes up about 80% of server resources.
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