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RTL & Blog questions/issues VB 5.4.4

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  • bendiesel
    thank you Luke,

    For 1 & 2: i'll create a seperate bug report for each RTL issue.

    For3 (blog posts previews): yes, i just increase the size of image from thumbnail to small in : setting group/ content management, so articles and blogs posts images was increased, it was possible to fix length previews for articles, but not for blog posts, i'd have liked that it was possible to do it, to fix exactly the length preview and the place of "Read more"

    For 4: i tested the upload with different format and sizes, this one was "invalid data":

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image test1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	7.0 KB ID:	4401545

    I appreciate your help many thanks,,

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  • Wayne Luke
    For 1 and 2 - Please create a separate Bug Report for each of these issues. Assign them to the RTL component.

    For 3 -

    The space is caused by your blog image. I don't really see a way around that without saying "Don't upload an image."

    For 4 - What are the dimensions and file size of the image? If you attach the original full size image here, we can try to recreate this issue.

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  • bendiesel
    started a topic [Bug / Issue] RTL & Blog questions/issues VB 5.4.4

    RTL & Blog questions/issues VB 5.4.4

    Hi, i have 4 small issues (maybe bug), i tried to resolve it but i failed:

    1- the validation symbol is inverted when i switch to rtl language, it shouldn't:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pic2.png
Views:	25
Size:	2.1 KB
ID:	4401474Click image for larger version

Name:	pic1.png
Views:	50
Size:	1.7 KB
ID:	4401473
    2- when i try to edit a post in forums or groups (rtl language is on), the buttons inside red circle are working but looks erased, this issue doesn't exist when i post for the first time in rtl or when i post and edit in ltr language:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pic6.png
Views:	25
Size:	36.9 KB
ID:	4401475

    3- i failed to find a way to manage the correct text preview of blogs, looks too much space :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pic3.png
Views:	27
Size:	81.5 KB
ID:	4401476

    4- it was impossible to upload blog icon when creating a new blog (invalid data), but it was possible to upload the same picture when editing the blog icon:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	pic4.png
Views:	26
Size:	28.1 KB
ID:	4401477

    thank you very much for your time and help if you have any solution for these issues/bugs

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