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  • Remove Logo Header and Sub Menu

    Looking to remove the logo header and sub menu area as I am using the header from my main site. I can not seem to get the code correct to get them to go away without blowing up the page. I would also like to remove the footer as well. Any help would be appreciated
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    Have you tried commenting out the full header and footer templates?


    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
      Editing a comment
      This is a great way to destroy all functionality within vBulletin.

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    This isn't really supported. Removing the header and footer will limit your site's functionality. I can't guarantee that the following won't break the site.

    In the header template, delete everything after:
    <div id="wrapper">
    This will remove Site Builder, the user menu, logo, navigation bar, search box, breadcrumbs, and notifications from the header.

    In the footer template, remove everything above:
    <div id="footer-copyright">
    This will remove style and language selection as well as the footer menu.

    You can access templates in the AdminCP under Styles -> Style Manager. Click the <<>> button for the style that you're using.

    If you need more surgical removal, your web developer will have to go through the code to remove what you don't want to see and leave what you want.
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      How about just hiding them via CSS? Not the best solution but no maintenance required. If you edit the templates, chances are there will be merge conflicts whenever you upgrade.

      #footer-copyright {
          display: none;
      I assume you purchased branding-free option to be able to remove the vBulletin copyright.

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