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Pulling my hair out... Stuck on step 3 and says I use latin1 collation issue

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  • [Server Config] Pulling my hair out... Stuck on step 3 and says I use latin1 collation issue

    I made a ticket already but I'm getting frustrated here.

    I tried both utf-8_general_ci and latin1_general_ci neither works.

    I'm stuck on step 3 and stops at 6 percent. When I look at phpAdmin it only makes 206 tables then stops. I'm not sure why. When making the database I make sure the database is set to utf-8 since its more commonly used before I start the install to create the tables. The core config file is set to utf8 when I try the utf8 collation.

    I reach the requirements on MySQL and php but I always get stuck when it reaches 206 tables made on the database. i waited for hours but nothing seems to progress. I'm at a loss.

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    You need to open your database in a tool like phpMyADMIN and make sure every single table matches the database's collation which would be something like utf8_general_ci. Then you have to go through every single table and make sure the text fields are all set to the same collation.

    You shouldn't change the core config file's character set line unless told to by support.

    I actually recommend setting your database collation to latin_general_ci or whatever it was before you tried to upgrade to vBulletin 5. Run the upgrade script. Once it is run support can help convert your database with tools we have available.
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