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Problem upgrading to VB 5.4.4 & .php5

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  • Problem upgrading to VB 5.4.4 & .php5

    so today i tried deleteing all the .php files so i can start upgrading to VB 5.4.4 and i decided to download the php5 version since i hear it's more secured and i been trying to make my website nothing but secured at the moment and struggling to do so.

    So now that i have expplain a little there is where i am now. I uploaded the new VB 5.4.4 php5 and when i try entering into install directory it seems to fail with these errors;
    Warning backend already exists.
    I receive this error when i create a config.php or config.php5

    The second error i receive reguardless;
    Warning: file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty in .../install/makeconfig.php5 on line 265 Error - Could not open frontend config file.
    i checked the makeconfig.php file all i read in line 265 is:
            $configContent = file_get_contents($componentInfo['source']);
    I dont understand the error it is prompting me saying filename cannot be empty when the filename is config and i see the code retreives the source. help? what am I doing wrong?

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    You should use the standard PHP extension. The extension does not have anything to do with security. It has to due with servers and search engines around the turn of the century and is rather obselete these days. There are less than 60 days left before PHP 5 isn't even supported. Your server probably has this extension mapped to an out of date version of PHP that does not work with vBulletin 5.4.4.
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      ahh makes since, thank you very much


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